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What We Do

Personal Financial Planning

We analyse client current financial condition & excess cash surplus to reallocate for goal achievement purpose. We get involved in every step of the financial planning of our clients to ensure close relationships.


Insurance and Risk Management

We identify the potential risk, analyse and take action against it. Risk transfer will be one of our mechanisms to shift the potential risk to third party to minimize the risk exposure of our clients.

Tax Planning

We examine the income earned and tax entitlement for our clients and submit the required documents according to different entities. It is a financial planning for tax purpose for maximize on tax relief and tax reduction to create wealth and provide tax efficiency.


Investment Management

Wealth accumulation will be the concern of every client. It is a process of matching financial goal and objectives with investment strategies and resources. We explore to local and international market to meet the client requirements.

Retirement Planning

Overspending in retirement life might cause one in trouble due to less income inflow. We plan for life after paid work ends to achieve financial comfort and financial freedom.


Estate Planning

Leaving the beloved one with no burden will be the concern for a bread winner or one with assets. A will can ensure a smoother distribution process within 2 years.

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