Local and International

As a financial advisory firm, we represent our client to find for the best investment tools and instruments according to their objectives, risk tolerance, investment horizon and capital available for the available products in the local and international market. Unit Trust will be the most common investment tools where it requires low capital and is managed by professionals. Unit Trust provides change for explosion to the shares market where asset management will construct a portfolio on the shares to form a specific fund. Clients can choose to explore to their prefer market according to their preference.

Private Retirement Scheme

Private Retirement Scheme is an investment scheme designed by Private Pension Association (PPA) in Malaysia to accumulation wealth for retirement life. It separates the investment account into Account A and Account B which managed by expert and experience asset management. It is transparent as client have the access of the portfolio and shares invested to create a diversify profile to clients. There are several risk level of fund and islamic fund which comply to the Shariah principle.

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